Supporting the Children of Chernobyl.

Chernobyl Children in Need(CCIN) was formed in 1999 to help to alleviate children’s suffering in areas of Belarus still affected by the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster.

We raise the money needed to fund projects to advance the welfare of children. The Charity funds innovative projects using donated resources from companies and individuals within the UK and these projects are for schools, hospitals and orphanages in the surrounding area that would not otherwise be available.

How We Help

Supporting education, training, personal development and therapy
Helping with building and improvement projects
Arranging humanitarian aid shipments from the UK
We also visit regularly and provide sponsorship and more

How Can You Help?

CCIN has been operating for over 20 years improving the lives and prospects of hundreds of children in the Ozarichi region of Belarus. For those too young to remember Chernobyl was a nuclear power station that exploded in 1986 contaminating much of the area with deadly radiation. Many people close to the incident were evacuated however those further away were left to fend for themselves, Ozarichi as about 80 miles from the incident and suffered radioactive fallout that is still evident today, while it is safe to visit for short periods, living there is another matter. The Chernobyl clean-up operation itself is scheduled to complete by 2065.

Much of our work depends upon the commitment of our fabulous volunteers who raise funds through local events and sponsorship. This money then goes into funding projects and initiatives that improve the health and prospects of the young people of Belarus.

If you would like to help us help them see our getting involved section. 

Bob Barrett


Fundraising and the general running  of CCIN

Louise Mackinlay


Fundraising Coordinator

Meet the Team

Theresa Walker


Finance & Administration
for CCIN

Anthony Walker


Russian speaking international corporate solicitor specializing in all legal aspects in Belarus and translations.

Mary Harrington

Retired Red Cross fundraiser

Areas of fundraising and assisting the Treasurer.

Adrian Walker BCA


Minutes Secretary. Collating & preparing CCIN books. Assisting the V-C with children’s information.

Revd Canon Peter Dominy Ret'd. MA, MLITT.


Patricia Follows


June Drury

Areas of computers and IT

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